Benefits of installing an aerobic septic system

An aerobic septic system is a type of wastewater treatment, the treatment uses an aerobic technique to break down sewage. An ATS functions just like a septic tank, yet these are more advanced than traditional systems. Septic systems rely on the tank to separate the solids that pass through. Aerobic septic tanks digest these solids through a process of oxygen diffusion.

How Does an Aerobic Septic System Work?

These systems treat wastewater using natural processes. First, there’s a pre-treatment stage where the unit separates the wastewater and the solids. Next, the system forces air into the water, using a blower. Inside the aeration chamber, bacteria begins to digest the waste solids. The ATU uses UV light or chlorine as a method of disinfection, from here, the effluent passes out into the drainfield.

Perhaps you’re considering having a septic system installed on your property? There are many benefits of installing an aerobic septic system, so let’s explore.

1. Improved Treatment

When you use an aerobic septic tank you’ll benefit from an improved level of treatment, compared to a conventional septic tank. An aerobic system produces cleaner treated effluent, the majority of the treatment takes place underneath the surface of the drainfield. As a result, an aerobic system is less likely to contaminate the groundwater.

2. Suitable for Various Soil Types

If your property is built on clay soil or rocky soil, you will not be able to have a conventional septic tank. Hard soil doesn’t have the required absorption level for a traditional septic tank. Aerobic systems can be installed on clay and rocky soil. The bulk of the treatment takes place inside the aerobic unit, (meaning soil type isn’t so much of a factor). Some homeowners aren’t sure which unit is best for their soil, to find out, contact your local aerobic installation services.

3. Earth Friendly

Aerobic septic tanks are earth-friendly, these systems take the water from your dishes, laundry, and showers, and transfer it to your lawn. Water passes through the system, is treated, and then is sprayed directly on the grass. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you might well be interested in aerobic installation services.

4. Improved Efficiency

An aerobic septic tank can offer improved efficiency, an aerobic tank is faster at breaking down waste than a conventional system. You won’t need to have your septic tank pumped so often, (which means you’ll spend less on maintenance). When you use an aerobic system, your drainfield is less likely to get clogged. These systems are excellent for conserving water and reducing nitrogen. If you take great care of an aerobic system it can last for at least 35-40 years.

Aerobic Septic Tanks

With all these great benefits, it’s easy to see why aerobic septic systems are becoming more popular. For top quality, External link opens in new tab or windowaerobic installation services contact Texas Pride Septic. The company has been installing septic tanks across Texas for over 13 years. Texas Pride Septic can meet all your septic tank needs, from installations to servicing and cleaning.