Guidelines for Buying & Selling

Informative Guidelines for Buying and Selling Property with Septic Systems 

Septic Tank Systems

While buying or selling properties utilizing a septic system, it is advisable to follow a few steps to ensure the system is in good working order. It also needs to be duly noted that even the maintenance contracts need to be ironed out to ensure that your septic system undergoes regular maintenance checks before it's too late.

Simple Suggestions to Make the Inspection Process Quicker and Easier

  • Verify lender requirements
    - Don't wait till closing day to find out! Does the lender require a septic inspection? Most times VA and FHA lenders require an In-Tank inspection with Pumping. Is the lender going to require repairs to close? 
  • Septic inspection 
    - Order early in the option period. The septic system is one of the more costly items in a house.

In-Tank Inspection With Pumping

We recommend you do the septic inspection prior to the property inspection. Check out our services to see options that best fit your client's needs.

Associated Costs:
1. Cost of the Inspector
2. Cost to remove the dirt off lids of the septic tank(s)
3. Cost of pumping the tank(s) to look for structural integrity

Contract Verbiage
State clearly in "Special Provisions" of the sales contract the type of inspection you are negotiating, who is paying for the inspection, the uncovering and the pumping. Suggested contract verbiage:
"Seller to provide Buyer an In-Tank Septic Inspection and pumping during the option period."
"Seller will pay for pumping and uncovering of the tank(s) at time of Buyer's septic inspection 
costs not to exceed $_____."

TAR Form 1047 - "Information About On-Site Sewer Facility" Available at
System Records 
Aerobic Maintenance Contract 
System Records
Q. Where is the septic on the property? What kind is it? Is there room for the pool or an extra garage?
A: Order system records to get this information.

Educate Your Friends and Family
If you have friends or family who would septic tank(s) installed, refer them to our website. We can provide them with an overview and options. We recommend that they come to the septic inspection so we can educate them on their septic system. 

Educate Yourself
Want to get yourself up to speed on septic systems, the inspection process and disclosure and permitting issues? Join Rainbow Septic Training Services for a 3-hour MCE course title "Understanding Septic System Regulations & Disclosure."
We have the county preferred licenses.
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