How Often should Drain Lines Be Inspected

As far as the key elements of our home are concerned, we often underestimate the importance of our sewage lines being in good working order. Property owners who have a private septic system will be aware that their septic tank needs maintenance, but many homeowners using municipal sewage services are unaware that they are still responsible for some maintenance.

For property owners using municipal sewage services, the sewer lines that fall inside your property boundary are your responsibility to maintain and service, and it is important that you inspect them regularly.

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The Importance of Inspecting Sewage Drain Lines

Inspecting your sewer drain lines on a regular basis is essential for your home and health. For one, there will always be the potential of backups and blockages within your pipes. There could also be items beyond your control that end up causing issues with your drain lines, such as tree roots that grow in ways to obstruct them, grease, sand, and grit. By inspecting your sewer drain lines regularly, you can identify small problems before they become large ones.

How Often Should They Be Inspected?

The age of your sewage system and pipes is a key factor in determining how often sewers should be inspected. If your drain lines are less than 10 years old, once a year is adequate. For sewers older than 10 years, every six months would be best for an inspection and thorough drain line cleaning. You should also consider additional factors such as whether there are trees growing near your drainage that are threatening to cause damage, as well as the number of individuals in your household.

What Happens When They’re Inspected?

The process of a sewer inspection involves a technician using a sewer video inspection camera. Technology such as this allows the specialist to see what is happening in the pipes and identify potential problems without having to disrupt your yard or dig in multiple places to get to the pipes.

If there are issues that need to be addressed immediately, they will recommend the best course of action. Sewage technicians can also clean the pipes at the same time by flushing the pipe out to get rid of any blockages and prevent future buildup.

The act of inspecting your sewer system is something that many people do not think about, especially when they assume that it’s up to the city to maintain. But hiring a sewer maintenance company isn't just a way to check for blocks and damages; a good quality company can provide additional services such as External link opens in new tab or windowresidential septic tank cleaning and providing replacement parts, as well as sound advice on helping you to look after your drain lines.

Nobody wants to worry about their sewer and drain lines. Everybody knows how much frustration a blocked toilet (or an entire blocked sewage system) can cause. If you are concerned you have a blocked drain line, this can interrupt your life in many ways. If you have any worries, get in contact with Texas Pride Septic, and we can get to work on inspecting and fixing your septic drain lines.