Is It Healthy To Play Near A Septic Tank?

Septic tanks are often seen as dirty, dangerous places that should be avoided at all costs. However, if a septic tank is properly maintained, it can be safe for both children and adults to play near it. In this blog post, we will discuss the dangers of playing near a septic tank as well as how to stay safe. We will also provide tips on how to keep your septic system running smoothly!

Leach Field Basics

A functioning drain or leach field allows liquid from the solids inside of it, as well as any excess leachate or bacteria-rich water that may be produced during digestion process by ring around system organisms like decomposing organic matter in soil profiles - all this sits atop an underlying layer where rainwater will naturally flow down through tiny channels into larger pipes leading out towards greater absorption areas. Although it is associated with raw sewage, a leach field will not harm you or your family if it is properly maintained.

Avoid Play Equipment on the Drainfield

Heavy items cause soil compaction. That can make it harder for your drainfield to do what's designed, which is allow wastewater and rainwater down into the ground gradually through its filter-which helps keep our drinking water clean! Playgrounds, pools and playhouses can cause stress on the sensitive drainfield system by putting too much pressure on it.

Stay Away from Septic Tank

There’s been many tragedies involving children falling into the septic tank. Ensure kids know to stay away from the septic tank, and that it’s well-maintained and well-marked so that accidents don’t happen.

Prevent Clogs

The drainfield’s natural purification process prevents groundwater contamination, but when there is a clog, it can interfere with that process. There’s a few signs of a clogged drain field, including sluggish toilets and septic odors, but the most obvious sign of a failing leaching bed is the overflow of wastewater to the surface. If you come into contact with this water and there's a strong smell of rotten eggs or if your child happens to touch it while playing outside near their house- be very careful not to track any bacteria back inside, as it can be dangerous and unsanitary.

Put only septic-safe products in the toilet, keep grease out of the sink drain, and call for help if/when your drains become slow. Most importantly, keeping on top of septic maintenance is key, so give us a call to schedule service!

Educate Your Kids on Septic Safety

It’s key to make your kids aware of septic safety. From knowing which products to avoid clogs in the system, to knowing what smells and signs to look for when problems arise, keep your kids safe by educating them on the septic system and drainfield.

Call us for Maintenance

The next time you’re tempted to let your kids play in the yard near the septic tank, remember that with a few basic precautions, it’s actually a lot safer than you might think. Just make sure to give us a call if there are any problems with your system.