Tips for Preparing for a Septic Tank Cleaning

Many US households rely on a septic tank to control and dispose of waste. Although this may be an area that you don’t think of often, your septic system needs to be maintained and cleaned, just like any other part of your home.

Here are some expert tips on recognizing when your septic tank needs maintenance and how to prepare for its cleaning.

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Does your Tank Need to Be Pumped?

If you’re not quite sure if your tank needs emptying or not, here are some of the top signs:

Puddles Form Around Your Tank

If you see a pool of water right above where your tank drains, that’s a pretty good indicator that something’s off. If you see pools of water, then liquid is being pushed to the surface. This usually happens when solid waste builds up to the level of the drainage system.

You Can Smell It

One of the obvious signs that your tank is getting too full is that you start to smell something that isn’t pleasant. If the area near your tank starts giving off a foul odor, that’s a definite sign that your tank needs maintenance or emptying.

Your Drains Stop Working

Another sign that your septic tank needs cleaning out is if your drains stop functioning. This could be the result of your tank backing up your other drainage pipes, indicating that a cleaning is required. A qualified sewage company offering External link opens in new tab or windowseptic pumping and drain cleaning should be able to fix this for you.

How to Find Your Septic Tank

Homeowners are often not heavily involved in their sewage and drainage systems, so you may not even know where your septic tank is when it comes time to check if it needs maintenance. However, finding your tank is easy if you know the steps you need to take.

Let Your Sewer Pipes Lead the Way

Your septic tank will usually be parallel to the sewer lines from your home. You may be able to find the 4-inch sewer pipe, which protrudes from the house, and then follow that. Septic tanks need to be at least 5 feet from the house, but they are usually closer to 10–25 feet away.


County Records

Most counties will keep any records for building permits, including the installation of a septic system. If your septic tank is really evading you, you can try looking it up in your county records.

Dig Up the Lid

You can usually use a metal detector or probe to find the edges of your septic lid and then mark around the perimeter to find your tank

Questions to Ask Your Sewage Company

Some of the questions that you may need to ask your sewage company are how deep the tank is and how long it will take before it needs to be cleaned again. It’s also helpful to find out if there are any dumping fees and the price if the  maintenance involves lifting the lid and exposing the tank. Some companies will charge more for services like these that require more extensive action.

Of course, maintaining your septic tank system is crucial if you want it to operate properly. If you do not get your tank cleaned then you may find that you run into problems such as the tank itself getting damaged, foul smells coming into your home, and even bacteria blooms.

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