What is The Difference in Installation Depending on Region

Regulations regarding septic tanks. The opening phrase does not seem like something people would be excited to read, but if you have a septic tank on your property or if you are thinking of purchasing one, it might be necessary.

Considering what goes into a septic tank, it's understandable why the Environment Agency wants to prevent it from flowing down the stream. Septic tanks are governed by many rules and regulations, including where you can put them and where you can dispose of the effluent. If you ignore them, you could find yourself in the same situation as those in your septic tank if you ignore some guidelines and other regulations.

Regulations regarding discharges of small amounts of sewage to surface waters were last adopted in 2015. Many property owners need a lease, but it doesn't exactly pop into their heads.

A person could 'discharge' wastewater from the septic tank in one of two ways once upon a time:

This is similar to a drainage field or soakaway system, in which wastewater percolates into the soil around the pipework. As a result, the water is treated and is allowed to disperse safely without contaminating the environment.

The wastewater would be carried to a local watercourse, like a stream or a river, through a sealed pipe.

How Does The Region Impact In The Change?

Septic tanks, soakaway systems, and other similar systems no longer need to discharge waste into waterways. The local waterways or soakaway systems cannot receive clean wastewater directly into them without causing pollution with an insufficient source of clean wastewater.

It's not entirely a new rule. It has been illegal for property owners for some time now to install septic tanks that discharge into waterways. By the 1st of January 2020, any drainage system that was not compliant would have to be upgraded or replaced. However, the guidance within the legislation changed as the legislation passed. The new guidance reads:

You should take immediate action if your septic tank discharges directly to a watercourse:

  • The sewer system should be connected to the mains
  • To avoid the septic tank discharging into the ground, install an infiltration system (also called a drainage field)
  • Install a small wastewater treatment plant to replace your septic tank
  • A reasonable timeframe, typically 12 months, should be in place for the completion of this work.

What If I’m Buying A House In A New Region?

Before you purchase a property, you should know exactly what kind of drainage system the property has and what condition it is in. This is according to the guidance on General Binding Rules:

As a seller or buyer, you should discuss who will be responsible for replacing or upgrading a septic system that discharges directly into a watercourse. A condition of the sale should include this.

A UKDP homebuyer survey can help you determine whether or not you're taking on a property with a septic tank.

If you want to learn more about septic installation and how the installation process may be different depending on the region don’t hesitate to get in touch with Texas Pride Septic today.