Why it's Important to Keep Your Septic Tank Maintained

As someone who currently has or previously had a septic tank, it's important to keep your septic tank maintained.

If you're lucky, you'll never have any problems with the septic system that is connected to your home. However, if you fail to maintain it, then there are several things that will happen.

First of all, septic systems are designed to keep liquids and solids separate for a reason. When you fail to separate the two, the septic tank will eventually back up and wreak havoc on your plumbing. If it backs up it may start coming out of other drains in your home which will cause your septic system to fail faster.

Another major problem that can occur if you fail to maintain your septic system is an environmental one. Septic systems are designed to break down waste with the help of bacteria, but these bacteria cannot survive in certain conditions. If there isn't enough oxygen in the tank, then the bacteria will die. When the bacteria dies, it cannot break down waste which means that waste is just left in your septic system to rot.

When septic tank bacteria die they release harmful gases into the air which are extremely hazardous to breathe in. This gas can seep out of the tank and make its way into the air which will seep into your lungs and cause health issues.

To prevent septic tank problems, you need to have a septic tank cleaner come out every year or so to pump it out and get rid of any harmful waste that may have been left inside from the past year. It's also important that you perform maintenance at least once every 5 years.

When it is maintenance time, ask septic professionals if they can unclog the lines as well to prevent future problems. If the professional finds issues in the lines, you should have them fixed immediately because septic tanks cannot function properly when the lines are clogged.

For more information about septic tank maintenance and septic services, contact a septic service provider today! They will be able to come out and clean your system and schedule future cleaning appointments if you need them.